Sings and writes songs born of rural American tradition, songs of people and place...

It all began with the gospel hymns of her youth in a Mississippi Baptist Church. She later studied Bluegrass and Old Time in the Appalachian Mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee and first heard the earliest recordings of ballad singers, fiddle and banjo tunes, blues and spirituals, and bluegrass musicians, picking up a little clawhammer banjo on the way. She is also influenced by the early rockabilly and blues artists of Memphis, Tennessee - having lived along the Mississippi River in that city seeped in rhythm and sound.

Katherine's formative years were spent writing, recording, and performing with the Colorado folk band FREE THE HONEY. The girls were honored to share their sweet brand of Rocky Mountain acoustic music with many gracious communities and cherished stages such as the Crested Butte Arts Festival, Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Festival, the John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana, and Thacker Mountain Radio Hour in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Katherine is particularly fascinated with the poignant evocation of American song craft and storytelling - forever conjuring that four line verse and the melody it follows. Her emerging collection of original songs is filled with the yellow prairie, shifting sky and sturdy bunch of characters making up the Montana-scape, her home and creative hearth.


RIDE ME DOWN is a country dance band...

Katherine Taylor - vocal, acoustic guitar 

Kevin Toll - Telecaster

Jason Uhlmann - upright bass

Matt McIver - drums 

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